Chemical Cleaning Products:
Using hard water can cause deposit in pipelines and in closed systems. Due to this, Navi Chemicalshas improved highly concentrated chemicals with inhibitors to clean deposition.

Passivation Chemicals:
Right after the montage of the new system, deposition and dirt can occur in the pipelines. Because of that, Navi Chemicals has enhanced acidic and polymeric chemicals to prevent the dirt and deposition.

Resin Cleaning Chemicals:
During water softening process, organic and inorganic ions and impurities can occur in the resin. Because of that, cleaning the resin is a must in the water softening systems. According to this Navi Chemicals has developed the chemical which should apply for preventing dirt occurrence in the softening column. By the way, this application can apply without disassembling the softening column.

After acidic cleaning, neutralizing the system water is a must. Navi Chemicals has improved neutralizers for this.

Acid Inhibitors:
During the acidic cleaning, protecting the metal against corrosion is vital for the system. Because of that, Navi Chemicals offers you the acid inhibitors to protect system against corrosion.