In cooling systems corrosion causes two major problems the first one is the failure of the equipment with the result of a cost problem and plant downtime. The second one and most obvious is the plant efficiency due to loss of heat transfer. According to this, Navi Chemicals has improved corrosion and scale Inhibitors which includes organic and inorganic inhibitors to prevent corrosion and scale in cooling towers.

These inhibitors are highly effective on whole metals but much more effective against copper and iron alloys. Also, Navi Chemicals products are effective on active corrosion cells which already occur in the system.

Organic and inorganic inhibitors can work in extreme conditions such as high concentrated hard water. Also, there is no requirement to dose acids. Products do not contain heavy metals which seriously harms environment.

Navi Chemicals developed biocides which effects on microbiologic organisms such as legionella. Our biocides can work both acidic and alkaline conditions.

HidroFlex 1040: Based on all organic chemicals which protects cooling tower against scale and corrosion.
HidroFlex 1409: Provides highly effective corrosion and scale protection in softened water systems.
HidroFlex 1810: Should use as dispersant in cooling towers.
HidroFlex 1880: Provides highly effective corrosion and scale protection.
HidroFlex 4160: Based on isotiazolin as a non-oxidizing biocide.
HidroFlex 4320: Based on QAC as a non-oxidizing biocide.