Applications: metal finishing, in water treatment systems, as a pH reducer in swimming pools, in spas, ingredient of acidic cleaning formulations.

Swimming pools and Spas:
Sodium bisulfate is a chemical which uses to reduce pH in swimming pools and spas. Sodium bisulfate is thesafest and the most economic chemical for reducing pH. Sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid can make fumes and it can harm your skin, lungs and eyes. Also, according to EPA sodium bisulfate classified as a non-hazardous substance which means less risk of injury over than the other acids. In conclusion sodium bisulfate is the most economic and safest product in the industry for reducing pH in swimming pools.

Metal Finishing:
Sodium bisulfate is the main component in dry acid bath formulations for metal cleaning. The general formula for most acidic baths include: salts of fluorides (5-10%), sodium bisulfate (90-95%) plus a surfactant. At temperatures up to 75 °C, bath can clean steel, copper, brass, zinc, aluminum, nickel, magnesium, titanium and stainless steel.

Sulphamic Acid Replacer:
Sodium bisulfate is substitute for sulphamic acid in many situations. Passivation of metals and flushing of the system can have done easily with sodium bisulfate.